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Victoria College, London is a private college of tertiary education and recieves no public subsidy. As such, its fees are maintained at as affordable a rate as possible while ensuring that there is enough income to cover operating costs. As a fully independent institution fee income and donations are our only source of funding.

The option of a modular payment plan is offered for those who are unable to pay fees in a single sum but this is generally the only available fee concession. There are some partial fee scholarships in some fields and where available this is noted in the programme information.

Fees are subject to change without notice but it is our policy not to increase fees for students once enrolled.

Fees are given in GBP but we are able to accept payment in a number of other currencies and details are available upon request. Methods of payment will be discussed with students upon acceptance of a place. There is no fee for application or enquiry.

All students are liable for the registration fee and tuition fee. While diploma programmes are generally intended as single year courses, students who require further time are able to request additional support on a term by term basis on a pro rata basis. The final examination fee is set by VCM Exams and must be paid prior to submission of examination material.

Current (2023) Fees are;

ProgrammeRegistration FeeTuition FeeExamination Fee
Graded Exams (Theory Subjects only)50£200See VCM Exams fee list
Medal Exams (Theory Subjects only)65£210See VCM Exams fee list
Associate Diploma100350250
Licentiate Diploma100370400
Fellowship Diploma100380435 (515by direct entry)
College Certificate100340190

Current fees for degree programmes are;

Programme Registration Fee Tuition Fee (annual) Examination Fee Graduation Fee
Bachelors Degrees£100 £600 £160 £100
Masters Degrees £100 £700 £160 £100
Doctoral Degrees £100 £800 £260 £100

Additional Fees

The programme fees do not include the following: the supply of books or other materials; the cost of any hard copy; any extra costs such as postage or telephone/internet contact which may be incurred during study; additional copies of documentation (including replacement of lost documentation) or any other letter issued by the Colleges.

Students should budget separately for these costs, and should be aware that most programmes will require between 10 and 20 books – some will require more. The College library will provide access to a range of study materials and options for open source, free software but not all needs will be met through these channels.

Reciprocal (dual) degree programmes

Students of Victoria College can choose to also receive an additional reciprocal degree from the University’s validating university and its partners. Not all programmes are eligible for a dual award, primarily degree courses only are eligible for dual awards The reciprocal degree does not require any additional academic work but an additional fee is payable and details of the current fees are available on request.

Modular payment plans

A modular payment plan may be requested by a student for agreement by the College. Where modular payment of any portion of fees has been granted, the payments must be received on or before the due date. Where arrears occur, we will send a reminder, but if no payment has been made within 30 calendar days the student will be de-registered. Re-registration is possible, subject to a £50 fee, payment of arrears, and the College’s discretion. If re-registration has not occured within 90 days of de-registration, the student will be dismissed from their programme without any refund of fees already paid. Students at risk of falling into arrears should contact the registry or finance team to discuss their situation. Please be aware a student will not be awarded their diploma until all fees are settled.

A modular payment plan is not a credit plan as no loan is made at any point to the student. The arrangement can be cancelled by the student by withdrawing from their programme at any point without further payments being due. Each payment is also subject to a separate 14-day cooling-off period during which the decision to withdraw from the programme may be communicated to us and a refund of the payment in question processed. Students may also choose to convert to full fee payments by paying the balance remaining at any time.